How I Calm Down When I Don’t Know Why I’m Anxious

I don't know why I'm anxious

Anxiety can be a truly miserable feeling. Most of the time when I have anxiety something will trigger it and set it off.

I often get it if I’m feeling really stressed or if I’m traveling.

However, sometimes I don’t know why I’m anxious and it’s difficult to calm down. Here are some things I do when I’m anxious for no reason to help me get through it.

Call a Friend

Talking on the phone is a great distraction and it’s always nice to connect with my friends that don’t live here.

If you’re feeling anxious try to call someone that is positive or that you find comforting to talk to.

I don’t even usually bring up my anxiety to my friend but usually talking on the phone can take my mind of my anxiety and being distracted helps me calm down.



I’m so obsessed with self-help audiobooks. I subscribe to Scrib which is like Netflix but for ebooks and audiobooks (get a free 30-day trial here) and I definitely recommend it if you are like me and like to listen to audiobooks.

If I’m feeling anxious I will usually either listen to a really positive self-help book like You Are a Badass or I will listen to something fun like the Devil Wears Prada. Getting into a book can be a great distraction if you’re feeling anxious.


Exercise really helps my anxiety. If I’m just feeling really overwhelmed I will go to the gym and workout until I’m exhausted and that helps me give my mind a reset.

If working out is not your thing make a playlist and go for a long walk. Getting outside and being in the sunshine helps calm my anxiety.


If you’re struggling with anxiety I recommend finding a therapist to talk to. I use BetterHelp and get all of my therapy online now because it’s more convenient for me to be able to talk to someone by email or video chat. BetterHelp can match you with someone to work with that specializes in anxiety.

If you prefer to talk to a therapist in person try to find someone that specifically works with people that have anxiety. I had an amazing therapist that helped me overcome panic attacks and he changed my whole life.


I really like using guided meditation to help manage my depression and anxiety. You can find tons of good ones for free on YouTube. Here is a good one to try out.


Journaling is one of the main tools I use to manage my anxiety.

I do a brain dump every night before I go to sleep so I can clear my mind before I go to sleep. A lot of times when I’m feeling anxious it’s because I have too many things on my mind and it stresses me out.

When I write things in my journal I visualize that I am taking them from my mind and leaving them all on the paper. I have some free journal prompts for anxiety you can get here and a free anxiety workbook you can grab for free below.



I use affirmations every single day. I find ones that really pump me up and make me feel good and say them over and over in my mind throughout the day.

If you’re new to affirmations check out my post on how to create affirmations that actually work. If I’m feeling anxious I will pick things that I find comforting like “things are working out for my highest good” and “I’m safe and comfortable in this moment”.

Check out my post of 34 affirmations for anxiety and grab the free anxiety affirmations printable.


Whenever I’m feeling anxious I cut out caffeine and sugar from my diet.

I know that those two things make my anxiety way worse. Everyone’s body reacts differently to a different food but think back on when you’ve been really anxious and see if there’s something you ate or drank that made it worse.

You can also try and find things you can add to your diet that make it better. I use Rescue Remedy and calming tea to help me feel better when I’m feeling really anxious.



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how to calm down when you feel anxious


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