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The Ultimate 30 Day Self-Love Challenge

  Self-Love Challenge For years I struggled with self-esteem issues and negative self-talk that kept me from being able to recover from my clinical depression and anxiety. If you're struggling with negative self-talk or poor self-image I urge you to heal your relationship with yourself. It ... READ the POST

Useful Things To Do When You’re Bored

Things To Do When You're Bored Listen to an audiobook to make you feel like a badass Organize your fridge until it is immaculate Create a vision board of your dream life and hang it somewhere you will see it every day Write out your ultimate goals and figure out what you can do to start ... READ the POST

How To Be Positive and Confident

  For many years I felt stuck in my life. I followed lots of girls online that had blogs and were sharing about their lives and helping other people and I always thought it looked so cool. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do it too. For years I followed them and ... READ the POST

One Week Sober: Dry 30 Update

  Hi Friends, A lot of you have been asking how my first week sober has gone. I decided to do dry 30 and stop drinking for a month because I felt like alcohol was keeping me from being as productive and creative as I want to be. You can listen to my podcast episode about it here. I really ... READ the POST

Must Have Self-Care Items For Your Dorm Room

Self-Care Items For Your Dorm Room Going away to college can be stressful. Taking some items with you for comfort can help you cope with stress and feel more at home in your dorm room. When you're shopping pick up a few items that will help you de-stress and bring you joy. Here are some ideas for ... READ the POST

6 Must Try Meditations and Visualizations for Anxiety

I've always read about all the great benefits of meditating but it's always been really hard for me. If I'm anxious the last thing I want to do is freaking meditate. I've found that guided meditation really helps me calm down when I'm anxious and I'm able to start feeling better faster. I ... READ the POST