Super Easy Self-Care Ideas For Depression Coping

easy self care for depression coping

I know how shitty it feels to be really freaking depressed. If you’re functioning is at an all-time low I know you probably don’t want to do much of anything. It’s crucial to your recovery to start doing small things to take care of yourself and celebrate any victory that you have. Here are some super easy self-care ideas for depression coping.

Smother yourself in the best lotion you have, wrap yourself in a blanket and make yourself as cozy as possible.

Make your favorite tea and sip it while scrolling Pinterest and making boards of things you love.

Watch a comforting movie. I like romcoms from the 90s or cartoons but whatever you find comforting will work.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time to ask how they are and get your mind off of things. Reconnecting with people can feel really good.

Listen to an audiobook or podcast. I am a fan of anything self-help related (big surprise). You can find my favorite podcasts here and favorite books here.

Paint your nails. I find this to be a really good distraction when I need something mindless to do.

Get some soup. This is my favorite comfort food but any food you find comforting will work.

Sit outside preferably in the sun. Get the heck out of your house even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Do some slow and gentle stretches.

Watch the clouds.

Listen or watch stand up comedy on YouTube.

Do a short meditation. I’m not great at meditation but I find that guided meditations are doable. Check out my favorites here.

Exercise for ten minutes. I know it can be hard to exercise but doing one of these workouts for just ten minutes can really help you feel a little better. My favorite workouts are here. 

Dance. I’m a big fan of the Fitness Marshall on YouTube.

Unfriend or mute toxic and annoying people on social media. There is something that feels really good about a good social media cleanse.

Order your favorite takeout meal and have it delivered. The novelty of having someone bring my favorite food to my house never gets old. 

Take a nap, sometimes you need extra rest. I find that a nap can sometimes help me hit reset on a bad day,

Ask for help. If you’re really struggling with your mental health reach out to someone.

Take a long shower or bath. I love to have a good long soak in Epson salt.

Get crazy hydrated and challenge yourself to drink a fuck ton of water and start chugging it all day long. 

Play rain sounds. I use an app on my phone to play rain or beach sounds.

Look at pictures of cute animals online. Go watch cute pandas on YouTube. You’re welcome.

Make an uplifting or sad playlist to listen to. Listen to it on a walk or a drive.

Go for a walk. This is my go-to for when I am feeling really shitty. I once walked ten miles after getting really bad news. 

Color in a coloring book. I like this sassy one.

Say affirmations

Go get a book from the library or spend time browsing a bookstore. I find being around books supremely calming.

Organize one small corner or area of your room. Pick a part of your desk, a drawer or your nightstand and just clean that one thing. Celebrate when you’re done.

Detox from social media

Put on your favorite outfit do your makeup and take selfies.

Pet an animal. Borrow a friends dog or go to a dog park if you have to. Take whatever steps are necessary.

Get sweaty. Sometimes I go to the gym just to sit in the sauna for awhile.

Make a vision board

Write down everything you want to forgive yourself for. Start with small things and work your way to bigger things.

Take a new route to work. Sometimes just changing up your day can help a little when you’re in a funk.

Read Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and I don’t think you can read it too many times.

Sign up for online therapy and confess all of your secrets to your therapist. Don’t hold back.

Take a mental health day and don’t feel guilty about it.

Write nice reviews for all your favorite local businesses. This is a great way to build some instant karma. 

Wash your sheets and make your bed. Clean bedsheets always make me feel like a fancy queen.

Stop complaining

Cry it out. Really go for it.

Start a gratitude journal

Look at old pictures and spend some time reminiscing. I love feeling nostalgic.

Go to bed early. Nothing feels as good to me as getting caught up on sleep.

Daydream about your dream billionaire vacation and start planning it for fun.

Go to the movies. This is a great way to get out of your house and do something relaxing.

Hire someone to clean your house. I’ve never been able to afford to do this but it’s my dream!

Start a blog

Have a Netflix day and binge watch an entire season of a show you’ve never seen.

Vent in a journal. Don’t hold back.

Sing your favorite song as loud as you can


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