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Positive Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

There are lots of articles about how bad social media is for your mental health.  I wanted to offer a different perspective. I think there are actually a lot of positive effects of social media on mental health and we can actually use them as a tool to learn coping skills and improve our ... READ the POST

I Feel Nothing: How To Survive Depression

I remember feeling completely numb all the time.  I couldn't eat, sleep or do anything.  My level of functioning had reached an all-time low and it was difficult to imagine my life ever getting better.  These days I'm pretty thrilled with my life.  I've transformed my ... READ the POST

How To Change Your Life When People Don’t Support You

Hi Friends, I wanted to let you know there’s a new episode of the Radical Transformation Podcast out today. It’s all about what to do when people don’t support your dreams. I get a lot of questions from women who want to start a business, change their routine or invest in their personal ... READ the POST

New Daily Gratitude Exercise

In this podcast episode, I'm sharing with you a new gratitude exercise that I learned.    Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify. I've been into writing gratitude lists in my journal for years now but I hadn't ever done this exercise before and it really helped ... READ the POST

Lessons I Learned About Managing Emotions While I Was Sick AF

I recorded a new podcast episode all about lessons I learned about managing emotions while I was sick AF.  You can check it out below.   I'm sending you greetings from the couch.  Yup, I’m STILL sick.  This whole thing has made me think about how difficult it is to ... READ the POST

Morning Journaling Worksheet

Hello, If you listened to my latest podcast episode you heard me talk about my new magical morning journaling ritual.   It's kind of like writing affirmations but EXTREME. I call it reminding myself who the eff I am and I basically go on a tangent and affirm myself. Mine ... READ the POST