I hope you’re all doing well.

Here in Florida I am still staying quarantined in order to keep my high-risk family members safe and to slow the spread of the virus.

I’ll be honest it’s been pretty tough for me at times. 

I recorded a podcast with some of my mindset tips for coping during quarantine over on the Radical Transformation Podcast.

As the situation gets worse each day in Florida it’s been tough for me mentally and I started to realize that this is probably what the rest of 2020 is going to look like for me.

I’m thankful I’ve done so much mindset work and I’ve been really focusing on what I think about this time and intentionally creating the feelings I want to experience.

Here are some beliefs I’m working on believing about self-isolation.

  • This is the perfect time to focus on me
  • It’s safe for me to feel lonely
  • I am learning the perfect lessons at the perfect time
  • I’m using this time to take excellent care of myself
  • Being alone massively serves me
  • I am able to live a full and complete life while I’m alone

In addition to anchoring into these beliefs here are some things I’ve been doing to help myself during this time. I’ve found that focusing on building healthy habits has made this much easier. Here are some of the habits I’ve been working on creating to help my mindset.

This time really is what you make it.

I know that struggling can be easy and it’s often what I default to in uncomfortable situations. I’ve spent many days in quarantine struggling and thinking how unfair it is.

However, those thoughts just make me feel worse and keep me from getting anything positive out of this experience.

If you’re like me and quarantine has been hard for you just remember that life is supposed to be hard and it requires us to do things that are uncomfortable.

You’re strong.

You’re resilient.

You’re capable.

Have a great night,


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mental health tips for staying home

mental health tips for staying home

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