It can be hard to know what to do for your birthday when you’re an adult. There have been plenty of years when I felt really uninspired about celebrating my birthday. Resist the urge to forget all about it and plan some fun stuff for yourself like the bad ass adult person that you are. Pick as many of these birthday ideas for adults that you want and celebrate your birthday all damn month if you want. It’s your birthday so do you!

Buy a book

Get a blowout

Go swimming

Make your favorite meal

Try a new cocktail

Journal about the highlights of your year

Try a new hair color

Get fancy ice cream

Eat the best cheesecake you can find

Decorate your room

Declutter your house

Paint your nails

Make a fresh playlist

Reconnect with an old friend

Plant flowers

Make something

Get a library card

Face a fear

Join a gym or go for a run

Watch live music

Plan a trip

Go away for a weekend

Sign up for a dance class

Try something new

Get a facial or massage

Clean out your closet

Redecorate a room in your house

Write new goals

Make a plan to pay off your debt

Visit a park you’ve never been to

Take a nap

Go on a picnic

Wear a wig out



Start a blog

Publish an ebook

Go camping

See a Broadway show

Donate to charity

Try new affirmations

Start your own business

Go to a new restaurant

Visit family

Do yoga

Start a garden

Binge watch your favorite show

Detox from social media and news

Make a new morning routine

Go to a trampoline park


Try a new hairstyle

Buy yourself flowers or balloons

Donate things you aren’t using anymore to charity

Go to a tourist attraction where you live

Go on a date

Dress up

Go to an aquarium

Stay in a hotel

Go to a movie


Hire a housecleaning service

Take a bath

See live comedy

Create a bucket list

Make a vision board

Take a day off work

Sleep in

Watch the sunset

Go on a rollercoaster

Test drive your dream car


Bike ride

Climb a mountain

Get tattooed

Give blood

I hope this list gives you some new ideas for celebrating your birthday. Spend some time planning some special things for yourself so you have something nice to look forward to. I have a ton of posts about managing depression and anxiety if you’re interested in mental health. I hope you have a kick-ass birthday!

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